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About LinenPro Designs

LinenPro Designs was established in 2002 and has serviced hundreds of clients in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Europe, and more with our luxury linens!  The founder of LinenPro Designs was inspired by childhood memories of her life in Taiwan where linens are a large part of her heritage and culture.  She has fond memories of how her mother used to hand crochet the linens for their dining table and tea table. With the birth of LinenPro Designs, she wanted to share these warm and happy feelings as well as her extensive background in the fashion industry through the linens she has personally designed and curated. It's not just linen, it is also a lifestyle and unlike other linen brands, each piece is unique and handmade with long-lasting and quality fabric.  LinenPro Designs is also the first manufacturer to create Universal Cap Sashes with pockets that fit onto any chair so that the sash does not slide down while in use. 

chair sash bow.jpeg
French Lace.png

The Small Details

What makes LinenPro designs special is not only the quality, but also how it is made.  Other linen  suppliers typically purchase a bulk of fabric and cut it to size.  With LinenPro Designs, each linen is made piece by piece and that is how we are able to achieve our luxurious specialty finishes.  Each linen has handmade designs on all four corners as well as the center of the linen.  These special touches add sophistication and elegance to any event! It is the small details that make a huge difference on why our linens are long lasting and luxurious.  

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