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Seamless Tablecloths

These cloths are available in 120” and 132” rounds. The weight of the cloth is perfect and ensures a beautiful "hang" from the table to the floor. Graceful embroidery embellishes these cloths giving...



These cloths are available in 84” and 90” squares. They are Beautiful when used it on their own, or when used with our seamless tablecloths and they will definitely make a statement of style and sophistication at...

I-004-S on chiavavi chair.jpg

Cap Sashes

These Cap Sashes feature 5 exquisite designs to choose from. They are designed with a pocket in the center of the 112” long sash, which fits over the top portion of almost any chair, and then ties on the chair back...

French Lace Chair A.jpg

Chair Backs and Covers

Our Chiavari Chair Back adds the perfect touch of elegance and sophistication for your event. It covers the back of the chair and cascades to the floor to give a soft finish to the...


Chair Shawls

Chair shawls are an easy way to dress up chairs at any event. We offer chair shawls for both banquet and folding chairs. The shawl slips over the top of the chair for a crisp, dressy look and eliminates the need to tie a...


Chair Covers

Celebrate with unquestionable elegance. These folding and banquet style folding chair covers are beautiful when used it on their own, or when used with our...

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