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Everything you Need to Know About Storing Event Linens

The way you store event linens can help make or break your investment. Store them the right way and your linens stay fresh and clean for years to come. Store them the wrong way and you are stuck with the cost of replacing them.

You’ve invested a lot of money in beautiful linens and deserve to know how to protect that investment, whether you are an event decorator or someone that likes having the occasional party at home. Here is everything you need to know about storing event linens and increase its longevity.

Always start with clean linens

The worst thing you could possibly do is try to store dirty linens. Do your best to clean your linens right after use for best results. You will thank yourself later for not skipping this step. Check out our guide to washing linens depending on material type. In addition, make sure you do not store linens with stains. The longer the stain stays on your linens, the harder it will be to remove. For tips and tricks on stain removal, check out The Secret to Removing Tough Linen Stains.

Make sure your linens are dry

There's nothing worse than storing damp linens. Be absolutely sure that after your linens have been cleaned, that they are thoroughly dried. Even a little bit of moisture can cause mildew.

Make sure your linens are wrinkle-free.

Why should you remove wrinkles now as opposed to when you decide to use the linens? There are a few benefits. Steaming your linens not only gets out wrinkles, but it also kills odor-causing bacteria, keeping your linens fresh between uses. Storing linens free from wrinkles also prevents permanent wrinkles from occurring and makes it much easier to use for the next event. By making sure you have steamed/steam ironed your linens, you will have a much cleaner and fresh result later.

What makes LinenPro Designs special is that all our linens are already wrinkle-free, making this step a lot easier. We suggest you allow them to cool on a flat surface when they are out of the dryer, however, you can use low heat or steam if you choose to.

Organize your Linens

Before storing your linens, it is a good idea to organize them according to color or collection type. This will make it easier to locate for your next event.

Choosing where to store your linens

When thinking about where to store your linens, there are few things you must keep in mind. Do not store linens in damp or dusty spaces. Some spaces are breeding grounds for mold, moths, and other circumstances not suitable for storing delicate items. If you can, keep linens out of garages, basements, and attics.

The type of container you use can also make a difference. Do your best to avoid using closed containers for your linens as they restrict the flow of oxygen to your linens. Proper air circulation can help fight moisture/humidity that could cause mildew buildup and also keep your linens from acquiring a stagnant odor. Wood chests/drawers, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes are also storage methods you should avoid.

Consider well ventilated areas for storing your linens.

Storage ideas for your linens

Now that you know how to choose where to store your linens, here are some great methods you can use to store them.


There are a variety of hangers you can use. Rounded non-wire hangers are the most ideal type of hanger as they help prevent creases in your linens. You can fold your linens into thirds and place them on a rounded hanger to help minimize wrinkles. This helps make the linen ready for use at a moment’s notice. If you want to protect the linen from dust when hanging, you can also use a pillowcase or 100% cotton sheet.

Pant hangers with clips can help hang your chair covers and sashes as well!

Cardboard Tubes

A wonderful way to store linens is also by using cardboard tubes! Think about how fabric stores carry rolls of fabric and how wrinkle free the fabrics are. The same concept applies! You can repurpose cardboard tubes from gift wrap or easily purchase them from a store.

Wine Rack

This is a creative way to store napkins. All you have to do is roll up each napkin and place them into the wine cubbies!


Ribbons are also a great way to store napkins. Gently roll the napkins and tie with a ribbon!

Fold Linens Flat

An easy way to store linens is also by folding them nice and flat, then storing them on lined shelves. Place tissue between the folds to soften the edges and protect your linen fibers.

This applies to larger linens that require folding, unlike chair shawls and backs.

Chair Shawls and Backs

When storing chair shawls and backs, do your best to store them flat and without folding them if possible since they are smaller in size.

Now that you know how to properly store event linens, here are a few pro-tips to help keep them fresh!

Store your linens with fabric softener sheets, baking soda, or lavender sachets, being careful not to touch the linens with these scented items.

Shake out and re-fold your linens a few times a year to keep them fresh and avoid stress on the fabric.

What are some ways you store event linens? Comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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